About Michele:

Michele grew up in Connecticut, moving to New York City shortly after receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts from St. Lawrence University. After moving to Manhattan she continued her studied at School of Visual Arts, The Art Students League and the National Academy. She has always been most interested in painting the human figure. 

Michele chooses subject matters in her work that are familiar to the life she lives in. These are people that she encounters in her daily routines. She is interested in the interplay of figures as a group and the characters as individuals. People that draw you in and hold you wondering.

Michele's subway series and beach scenes depict a slice of life that engages an emotional feeling that is familiar to many New Yorkers in it's sense of isolation and loneliness.  The figures are enigmas, leaving you curious and wanting to know more. They are in environments where they are typically surrounded by other individuals yet they seem as if they are drawn into themselves and lost in their own world rather than engaged with their surroundings.

In the Queen Bee series, Michele has found her inner voice. The subject matter evokes an empowered 'woman' who is confident, strong-willed and in control of her circumstances.  The male is represented by the drone bee who meets his fate in a most unfortunate way.  This series began in summer of 2017, coincidentally before the birth of the #metoo movement. Not surprisingly, some of the stories that have come to light from the #metoo movement have fueled the themes of this series which is both personal to the artist and socially relevant to the times.